Welcome to the Lavish Leader with Dr. Erin Martin

April 23, 2024

Welcome to The Lavish Leader: Unveiling Wisdom

Meet Dr. Erin Martin, Your Podcast Host

Welcome to The Lavish Leader: Unveiling Wisdom, a podcast by The Lavish Group. We are a community of powerful leaders and creators. Each one of us is on a unique path, yet we all embody what it means to truly live a lavish life. I’m your host, Dr. Erin Martin. Welcome to The Lavish Leader: Unveiling Wisdom Podcast.

Episode One: A Passion Project

I am thrilled to welcome you to episode one. This podcast is a passion project for me. We are launching, we are live, and I thank you so much for tuning in. I created this podcast for the community of women and seekers who lead their lives, businesses, families, and communities from a place beyond the leading edge.

The Challenges of Leadership

Being a leader is not easy. Although we are never alone, it can feel very lonely. I hope this space and program provide a container for all of us lavish leaders to come together and grow. It can be lonely at the top, but the new paradigm says otherwise.

Introducing the LAVISH Framework

The LAVISH framework provides context for the amazing conversations we will have on this program. We will feature big-name leaders and others you may not have heard of, but who are making significant waves in various fields.

Understanding Context vs. Content

Context is the container that shapes what’s inside it. The LAVISH framework is a proprietary program I developed after over 20 years as a physician, coach, and mentor to thousands of women. I discovered principles that every successful woman I worked with embodied.

The LAVISH Acronym

LAVISH stands for:

  • Love of Self
  • Abundance and Authenticity
  • Vitality and Voice
  • Intuition and Integrity
  • Self-Expression and Spirituality
  • Health and Healing

We will explore these principles throughout the program, discussing how we can embody them to achieve more fulfillment, joy, and abundance.

Applying the Lavish Framework

I have applied the LAVISH framework to my life and helped others do the same. Conversations with amazing women and men who embody these principles have shown me that true success goes beyond achievement and finances. It involves living a deeply fulfilling and abundant life.

The Essence of a Lavish Leader

A lavish leader embodies principles that bring about a profound shift and mastery of our lives. This realization leads to an ever-expanding source of power, fulfillment, joy, and impact. The ripple effect of our leadership empowers others to discover and unfold this wisdom.

Diverse Paths, Shared Wisdom

In our community, we will hear from leaders on various paths and from different backgrounds, all embodying aspects of what it means to live a lavish life. The consciousness we approach everything from is that of first cause creation—creating from a blank slate, simply because we want to.

Embracing First Cause Creation

First Cause creation means creating from desire, vision, and intention, not out of fear or obligation. It’s about transcending existing edges and creating new ones. If this podcast resonates with you, it’s because you have the vision to see beyond what’s immediately in front of you.

Harnessing Our Full Potential

When we harness all aspects of who we are, we can create a life, business, or community that’s fulfilling beyond our imagination. Living a lavish life means transcending opulence, achievements, and current ideas of legacy.

Joining the Journey

We are here to unveil a greater truth, vision, and understanding, so we can all rise together. I am honored to have you on this journey. This will be a time of nourishment, fun, laughter, and insight. Welcome, and let’s get started!

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For more insights and guidance on how to live a lavish life, visit my website.

Remember, you too can live a lavish life of fulfillment, freedom, and joy.

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Love of Self
Abundance & Authenticity
Vitality & Voice
Intuition & Integrity
Spirituality & Self-Expression
Health & Healing
Love of Self
Abundance & Authenticity
Vitality & Voice
Intuition & Integrity
Spirituality & Self-Expression
Health & Healing


I’m a multi-dimensional powerhouse with an unprecedented combination of experience, wisdom, education and intuition. I’m a high-performing professional woman who has lived through trauma and made it to the other side, truly healed and I am living an expanded, fulfilled life. I’ve worked with hundreds of women and helped them do the same.

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