LAVISH Retreats are the gateway to major breakthroughs, clarity, and bringing play and magic back to life for many powerful and accomplished individuals who have been suffering beneath the surface for many years, and in some cases, their whole lives.

Similar to the private intensives, the retreats offer an intimate experience where clients are together with
Dr. Erin and other like-minded women over an extended period.  Utilizing her proprietary LAVISH™ methodology, clients have experienced major spiritual awakenings, identity shifts, and often express that they have met themselves for the very first time.

Lavish Retreats for the powerful woman

You've got it all by outside measures, yet there is still an insatiable hunger inside of you.  But its not about achievements and accolades.

This is about becoming more of yourself

You long to meet this true Self and know her intimately.

When the focus of your devotion demands to be redirected from obligation to a new creation, a pulse you have never felt before (but is Life itself ) lights up inside you and can not be ignored.  

If this is you, I would like to invite you.

Ready to expand beyond your leading edge?

let me guess...

Unprecedented shifts are likely to occur when you show up fully for yourself.  This is truly holistic work on a new level.  All of you, expanding your entire life.  Your work, art, relationships, and vision; welcome to life beyond the leading edge!

Show Up


If you're a fit for this all-inclusive luxury experience, you will be offered an invitation and the opportunity to book your spot.  Because these retreats take place in an intimate small group setting and demand is high, a deposit is required.

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These retreats are offered just twice a year and the group of participants is carefully curated for maximum synergy. To attend, you must first apply, then Dr. Erin’s team will contact you with information about the next Retreat and to book a call.

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this is how it works

when you're ready

You seek a true integration of all the parts that make up YOU as one being on an entirely new, profoundly deep level.

You are open and committed to thinking about yourself and life in new ways such that you can move into your life now unhindered by what you have previously thought to be true.

You've already invested in yourself and your healing. You've caught glimpses of what you desire or even experienced being close, but you have not been able to quite get there.

You are a successful, driven woman who still feels like you are missing something integral in your life and for yourself.

Lavish Retreats are for you if...

You're so overwhelmed with your life that you often cancel appointments, or you don't follow through with plans. commitments.

You are not ready to let go of all that is no longer serving you so that you can make room for what you really need to be doing, experiencing and receiving in your life.

You prefer to maintain the illusion of control over your life by keeping the aspects, people and providers involved in your care separate and disconnected.

You are not truly willing to take the time for yourself that is needed in order to have what you want.

Lavish Retreats are not for you if...

Payment plans available.

each retreat is individually priced
based on specifics of the program


**fall 2024 retreat details currently being planned.
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As a physician I have worked with women my entire career, but only when I bravely began to combine ALL of my training, wisdom, and experience in a holistic way to guide women just like me to that place beyond their leading edge, I realized my true passion was empowering the world’s most impactful women to truly know themselves.  I believe that when a woman like that is fully embodied, she is a true force of nature that has become limitless.

I’m a multi-dimensional powerhouse with an unprecedented combination of experience, education, and intuition. 

Hi, I'm dr. Erin Martin

it's time to expand 

Ready to create something new from a place of pleasure, play, and power?