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If you’re tired of patching together all the people, places, and things that you think you need in order to care and nourish yourself, and deeply desire to be strongly seen, heard, and held by the ONE person who can finally help bring it all together for you - then this can be a great choice, however, that is ultimately for you to decide.

how do i know working with dr. erin is the right path for me?

No. At this time she does not provide medical consultations. Although health is part of the LAVISH Framework™ and an area she definitely provides guidance in, allopathic medical consultations are no longer part of the services she offers and her programs do not constitute a doctor-patient relationship. 

Is Dr. Martin accepting patients for medical consultations?

Yes. Dr. Erin Martin is a seasoned speaker, sought-after media commentator and powerful brand ambassador focused on women’s lifestyle and empowerment, health and wellness, spirituality and consciousness, and the principles of success. Dr. Erin is available for media, speaking and partnerships that are aligned with her ethos and expertise.  

Does Dr. Erin do in person speaking events?

If you know that you want a more intimate and personalized experience, please fill out the application for a consultation on the services page and we will get on a Zoom call and figure out what the best fit for you will be. If you are looking for a more DIY program to do in your own time, the online REVEAL program is the way to go.

How do I know which program is for me?

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