Maybe you’re spending a lot of time digging up the past and now it’s time to put that energy towards creating a future that not only looks but feels completely new. How? It's time to identify the old programming that is no longer serving you and replace it with new programming, new truths and new beliefs that will shift everything. Get ready to meet your mind, body, and spirit on a whole new level and experience the life of your dreams.

Ever wish you could meet yourself in a new way, to gain the clarity and freedom you've always desired?

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Ever wondered what people authentically living an amazing successful life have in common? Everyone's journey (and life) is unique, but there are key foundations worth learning, so you can live a life you love. Clarity on Desire is the place to start.

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I’m a multi-dimensional powerhouse with an unprecedented combination of experience, wisdom, education and intuition. I’m a high-performing professional woman who has lived through trauma and made it to the other side.  I understand what true healing is and what it takes to live an expanded, fulfilling life.  I’ve worked with hundreds of women and helped them do the same.


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Dr. Martin is one of those people that you meet and instantly realize she is tapped into something BIG. She coached me into the best health and shape of my life. I felt more energy and radiance than ever before and I continue to reap the benefits of being in her circle.

Venessa J., Mergers & Acquisitions

My life became truly free from the past. I am lighter, free from the oppressive rainstorm that was my life - the black cloud is gone for good and I am so happy with my life! If you have the chance to work with Dr. Martin, I say “Go all in and do it!”  

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This is why I do what I do. They tell me that they have never felt more seen, heard, and understood on such a deep level than they did while working with me. It is in this sacred container that many have said that they truly met themselves for the very first time. Witnessing this transformation and the ensuing ripple effect is the most life-affirming thing I have ever experienced. That's exactly what I want for you, too.

My clients never imagined they would have the clarity and drive they do now

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For those thirsty for permanent clarity and change, working privately with Dr. Erin Martin to intensively detoxify and reprogram.

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Connect with like-minded high-achievers. LAVISH experiences, collaborations, and revolutionary growth awaits you.

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Love of Self
Abundance & Authenticity
Vitality & Voice
Intuition & Integrity
Spirituality & Self-Expression
Health & Healing
Love of Self
Abundance & Authenticity
Vitality & Voice
Intuition & Integrity
Spirituality & Self-Expression
Health & Healing

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"Many people want to change the world. Erin is doing it and has for decades. Work with her and you will be forever changed."

Dr. Erin Martin is an exceptional physician with a deep understanding of the workings of the body, mind, and soul. With her rare combination of wisdom, compassion, and brilliance, I trust her insights for my health and my family’s health and have been so amazed by her compassion and knowledge.


"Erin is engaged, fierce and compassionate. She can masterfully synthesize anything that comes up"

If I hadn’t worked with Erin, I wouldn’t have been able to continue my career, I wouldn’t have accomplished all that I now have, and I would have never realized that the beliefs I had about myself after the painful traumas of my past were not true. I am so much more resilient and I know how to celebrate myself.

Jennifer hoover, senior firefighter

"She masterfully blends cutting-edge science with ancient healing wisdom in an innovative approach that is transformative."

What sets Dr. Martin apart is her passion for attending to the psychological and spiritual needs of those she works with. She's an exceptional physician and healer whose unwavering commitment to guiding others to a place of self-healing and true wellness is remarkable and truly inspiring.

andrew weil m.d, pioneer in medicine

"Dr. Erin Martin continues to deeply impact the world, she's truly a breath of fresh air in the healthcare industry"

I have been deeply impressed by Erin’s commitment to tackling critical issues such as loneliness and trauma which have a profound impact on individual, community and global health and wellbeing. Erin’s kindness, intellect and compassion shine through in even the most complex projects.

james maskell, author and speaker

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